Absolutely unrivaled: Profiled rail guides

Profiled rail guides are the most widely used guide elements in today's machine and plant engineering industry. Owing to their broad range of accuracy classes and construction sizes they offer the most efficient and professional solutions for almost all types of applications – from simple handling systems to high precision measuring systems.

Owing to the geometry of the profiled rail and the arrangement of the tracks, profiled rail guides are able to accept loads in vertical and horizontal direction. In conjunction with innovative lubrication systems they are considered to be a low maintenance machine construction element of high durability.

Absolute precision - profile rails by DRECKSHAGE

Precise: High positioning precision - only the rolling friction needs to be overcome with a profile rail guide. There are no slip-stick effects.

Durable: The linear guide has a very low rolling friction with extremely low wear. The guide precision remains almost constant throughout the entire service life.

Fast: High speed with low power - due to the low friction coefficients are only required for low power forces. The required drive output remains low even during reversing movements.

Strong: The profile guide rail absorbs forces in a vertical and horizontal direction.

Simple: It is easy to mount the profile rail guide - a high level of precision is achieved by means of a milled or sanded assembly surface if the assembly instructions are observed. Replacement is possible without additional effort.

Rustproof: To achieve optimum corrosion protection, we can deliver trolleys and profile rails with various coatings. Just talk to us.

Our profile rail guides are used in the

  • machinery and plant engineering industry: linear guide in machines and plant
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Printing and paper machine engineering
  • Industrial robots
  • Presses and heavy-duty machines
  • Special machine engineering

The benefits of our profile rail guides:

  • High positioning precision
  • Long service life with highly precise movements
  • High-speed with low power
  • Even high load capacity in all directions
  • Easy installation and exchangeability
  • Uncomplicated lubrication
  • Optional corrosion protection