An overall classic product: round guide systems

The induction hardened round guide system is considered the classical guide element which has been successfully in use for many years in all fields of the machine and plant engineering industry.

Although, in view of the extensive offer of profiled rail guides, believed dead, round guide systems even today are still considered a powerful and economic solution. In particular the combination of the induction hardened round guide with its various guide elements such as linear ball bearings, plastic or ceramic bearings and rollers ensure that the round guide system continues to be an interesting construction element.

A well-rounded thing – guide shafts by DRECKSHAGE

Individual: We supply made-to-measure inductive round guides according to drawings - in a very short time.

Versatile: DRECKSHAGE supplies the right shaft guide for any requirement and has a wide range of guide shaft accessories.

Economic: Precision guide shafts in various materials and versions are available as proven and efficient linear guides with linear ball bearings, shaft bocks, shaft support and linear casing units.

Precise: Precision guide shafts are centreless ground and are subject to strict inspections of the concentricity, cylinder form, straightness and roughness of the surface.

Strong: Guide shafts are inductively hardened. This treatment ensures even hardness in a radial and axial direction on the surface / contact surface. This hardness process creates an effective hardening area on the outer jacket to allow easy processing in the soft core of the shaft.

Our round guide systems are used in the

  • machinery and plant engineering industry: The inductively hardened and ground precision guide shafts are used as machine element for linear guides in machines and plant,
  • Material handling
  • Medical equipment: rustproof stainless steel
  • Food industry: rustproof stainless steel

The materials of our round guides:

  • Precision guide shafts: Cf53 (1.1213), Cf53 Cr (1.1213), X46Cr13 (1.4034), X90CrMoV18 (1.4112)
  • Precision hollow shafts: 100Cr6, C60 (1.3505 / 1.9601)

The surface structure of our round guides:

  • Induction hardened: ensures even hardness in a radial and axial direction on the surface / contact surface
  • Roundness: ½ diameter tolerance
  • Straightness: 0,1/1000 mm
  • Surface: Ra ≤ 0,3 µm

The benefits of our round guides at a glance:

  • Induction hardened and centreless ground
  • We work to your design drawing on modern CNC machines, e.g. spigots and chamfers, with radial or axial threaded bores. We also supply finished mounted units with a shaft support or shaft blocks.
  • We stock inductively hardened guide shafts made of various materials and in all standard dimensions in the semi-finished warehouse: After cutting, we turn, drill and mill the guide shaft that our customer require precisely. - and even from unit 1.
  • Our technical equipment and processes are perfectly tuned to these requirements.
  • Short delivery times!
  • Special diameter, special tolerances and other materials on request.