Roller bearings from DRECKSHAGE

If process safety of your machines in conjunction with running smoothness, a high degree of efficiency and an effective lubrication are of importance to you, then precision roller bearings from DRECKSHAGE are the right decision.

DRECKSHAGE has been the official sales partner of NSK since 1995. Thanks to these long-standing working relationships, we have in-depth expertise in all products with roller bearings. The expansion of our roller bearings by NSK is the consistent continuation of our partnership.

We have been working closely with many reputed manufacturers of machines and systems for many years. The result of this partnership: Individual solutions ensure for more productivity in the overall structure.

Quality in every detail

  • High quality roller bearing steel
  • Honed bearing surfaces
  • Advanced lubrication technology
  • Patented gaskets

From A-Z: We supply corresponding roller bearings for all applications - be it axial bearings, single or double angular ball bearings, taper ball bearings, miniature ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, radial bearings through to cylinder roller bearings.

Durable: Our roller bearings stand out thanks to their high reliability combined with an above-average service life.

Precise: Precision is very important especially in the tool machine engineering sector. Our roller bearings also work precisely at high speed.

Quiet: Smooth-running and durable bearings are important criteria for pumps and compressors that all ball bearings and roller bearings by NSK meet. This applies to both standard products and also for bearing types for special applications.

Robust: Roller bearings by NSK are robust and permanently lubricated.

Temperature-resistant: NSK angular ball bearings can withstand permanent temperatures of up to 190° C. Just talk to us.

Our roller bearings are used in the

  • machinery and plant engineering industry: Tool machines, electrical motors, gears, pumps compressors, ventilators, fans, generators, industrial trucks
  • Manufacturing industry: Foods and beverages, packaging and filling systems, automobile production, mineral oil products, cement, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and glass concrete, rubber and plastic, textile processing, printing and semiconductor industry

An overview of our roller bearing range:

Type Availabilities
Deep groove ball bearings Bore 10-360 mm
Miniature ball bearings Bore 3-9 mm
Double row deep groove ball bearings Bearing series 4000
Bore 10-90 mm
Single row deep groove ball bearings Bearing series 7000
Bore 10-200 mm
Double row angular ball bearings Bearing series 3000
Bore 10-90 mm
Four point bearing Bearing series QJ
Bore 30-200 mm
Self-aligning ball bearings Bore 5-110 mm
Cylinder ball bearings Bore 20-500 mm
Taper ball bearings Bore 15-440 mm
Self-aligning roller bearings Bore 20-560 mm
Axial bearing
  • Single direction axial grooved ball bearings
    Bore 10-360 mm
  • Dual direction axial grooved ball bearings
    Bore 10-190 mm
  • Axial self-aligning ball bearings
    Bore 60-500 mm

The benefits of our roller bearings at a glance:

  • Large variety
  • Highly reliable and above-average service life
  • Precise and quiet
  • Robust and permanently lubricated
  • optional: corrosion-protected