Aluminium rollers - When weight is of decisive importance

If, from a design point of view, the use of Economic Roll® rollers is impossible we are prepared to manufacture high quality rollers for you made of precise quality pipes. Whether grooved, hard anodized or finely turned – we are ready to take care of it. Individual requests from all kinds of industries will be in turn answered with an individual solution. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our aluminium rollers are used in the

  • Paper industry: Driven rollers, guide rollers, winding rollers
  • Printing industry: Paper and film are winded, guided, coated and printed using a steel roller or dried across goods stores and then cut or punched.
  • Textile industry: Rolled goods are flanged, coated or printed, dried across goods stores, and sewn and cut.
  • Timber industry: Lamination systems
  • Conveyor equipment: Aluminium rollers as deflector rollers
  • Special machine engineering: All applications where the media needs to be guided, driven or deflected precisely.

The formats of our aluminium rollers:

  • Diameters from 30 bis 300 mm
  • Max. length from 4.500 bis 7.000 mm

The surface structure of our aluminium rollers:

  • Standard: bare, smooth
  • Alternativ: blasted, stripped, diamond grooved, notched, ground, grooved, convex, concave

The surface coating of our aluminium rollers:

  • Standard: Mill-finish
  • Alternativ: rubber-coated, hard anodised, non-stick, hard chrome, bright chrome, ceramics
The technical details of our aluminium rollers:
Coating type Properties
Eloxal Corrosion-resistant protective layer with a standard layer thickness of 10-20 µm. The roughness depth is Rz 6-8 µm
Hard Eloxal More corrosion-resistant, friction-resistant and wear-resistant than Eloxal. Hard anodised layer thicknesses are 50+/-10 µm. Roughness depth to customer specifications. 500-600HV.
Chrome Chrome offers extremely high wear protection for even very small Rz values by polishing. Up to 1,000HV.
Ceramic Very high wear protection at up to 1,300HV. Resistant to friction and sliding wear. Permanent traction properties or sliding behaviour.
Non-stick Non-stick properties and wear protection are important criteria wherever a gentle and smooth material flow is specified. Increasing the wear resistance reduces the amount of maintenance required. This means less machine standstills and improved productivity.
Rubber coating We offer our customers a large selection of various rubber coatings, e.g. for grip, with non-stick, wear protection, electrical conductivity, antistatic etc.

Aluminium forming process extrusion

Extrusion: Aluminium can be extruded and be shaped into many various aluminium tubes and profiles. The aluminium bolts are heated to 500°C and pressed by a pre-heated tool. Various aluminium profiles for various products come from this.

Emissions from the extrusion process: After the extrusion process, the aluminium profiles are stretched to eliminate tension in the material. After this process, the material is cooled and hardened in the furnace, and if necessary, the surface is treated.

The benefits of our aluminium rollers at a glance

  • Versatile
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Precise
  • Elegant
  • Economic
  • Variable
  • High-quality
Aluminium Rollers


Outer diameter (D)

• D ≤ 130 mm k 13

• D > 130 mm k14 Concentricity
• D ≤ 200 mm 0,4 mm/m Finest adjustment
• Concentricity acc. up to 0,2 mm/m

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