Absolutely versatile: Linear actuators

Linear actuators have quite some advantages over mechanical and hydraulic systems in many fields of application. Due to their independence, robustness and compactness they are the ideal solution for numerous applications and different tasks. Easy installation, a high degree of user friendliness and zero maintenance may be considered additional advantages of actuators in comparison with other systems.

Wherever loads need to be hoisted, lowered, pushed, pulled, turned or positioned, the implementation possibilities of linear actuators are practically unlimited.

Linear actuators by DRECKSHAGE are beneficial in many application fields

Versatile: Our actuators are available with lifting lengths of 25 to 1500 mm and with speed of up to 100 mm per second. Thanks to a broad range of options and control units, you will find the right actuator for the application.

Compact: Thanks to its compact design, linear actuators by DRECKSHAGE can also be used in areas with restricted access..

Robust: Our actuators comprise robust, high-quality components that guarantee smooth operations.

Reliable: Wear-resistant worm gears, straight and helical gears, lubricants in aviation quality and high-performance motors guarantee maximum service lives and maximise the value for the user.

Maintenance-free: All setting and lubrication work is carried out in the factory so that no further maintenance is required on the linear actuators. The actuators deliver a consistent, repeated output throughout its entire service life.

Our Electrak® setting drives are used in

  • mobile off-road equipment: Agricultural and construction industry, mining, forestry, road construction, railway facilities for controlling seats, hoods, doors, covers, bale packing machines, pantographs, spray arms, throttle valves and numerous other equipment
  • Lawn and garden maintenance: Tractor mowers, golf carts, garden tractors, cleaning machines, moving work platforms and other commercial vehicles
  • Industrial systems: Conveyor belts, settable work tables / platforms, operation of hatches, doors and locks, and in filling, cutting, packaging labelling, scanning or printing machines
  • Health and fitness: Patient lifts/beds, vehicle accessible for the disabled and wheelchairs, hospital equipment, treatment chairs/tables and fitness equipment
  • Office, household and entertainment equipment: e.g. Automatic doors and gates, lifts, garage doors, satellite dishes, beds, adjustable seats and desks, entertainment machines, sales machines, advertising platforms for theatre / TV / film advertising and theme park attractions
  • Marine equipment: e.g. Seats, hatches, fire doors, rescue equipment, valves and throttle valves on boats, ships and oil rigs
  • Ventilation and process control

The performance features of our Electrak®:

  • Lifting lengths from 25 to 900 mm
  • Speed of up to 50 mm per second available

The benefits of our linear actuators at a glance:

  • Versatile
  • Extremely large dimension range
  • Various drive and guide combinations
  • Highly efficient due to precisely made-to-measure product selection
  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly
  • Maintenance-free compared to hydraulic systems
  • Reliable