EconomicRoll – the solution for various applications

Versatile: EconomicRoll® can be used as a winder roller, deflector roller or tension roller, spacer roller or as a design element.

Strong: The special construction with a reinforced inner ring allows direct bearing inside the EconomicRoll®. Of course, other bearing types are possible for these rollers, in line with your wishes.

Precise: The modern and technically well-designed geometry of the EconomicRoll® guarantees excellent concentricity (deviation according to the sample test report of just a few hundredths of a millimetre) extremely precise concentricity is guaranteed thanks to the fine alignment.

Wear-resistant: Thanks to a standard Eloxal layer ex warehouse, your roller has wear and surface protection at no extra cost.

Fast: Thanks to smooth-running quality bearings in combination with our EconomicRoll®, high speeds and/or rpm with very precise running qualities can be achieved

Inexpensive: Due to direct bearings inside the tube, no bases or blanks are produced for your rollers - this is how we save time and you money.

Light: A honeycomb profile with bars between the inside and outside tube generates force at very low weights.

Our EconomicRoll® is used in the

  • Paper industry: Guide rollers, driven rollers, winders
  • Printing industry: For instance, paper and film are winded, guided, coated and printed using the EconomicRoll® or dried across goods stores and then cut or punched.
  • Textile industry: Rolled goods are flanged, coated or printed, dried across goods stores and stored intermediately, sewn and cut.
  • Timber industry: Lamination systems: Thin film is laminated onto the wood, for example wooden furniture.
  • Conveyor equipment: Economic Roll® as a deflector roller.
  • Special machine engineering: All applications where the media needs to be guided, driven or deflected precisely.

The formats of our EconomicRoll®:

  • Diameters from 60 bis 200 mm
  • Lengths from 5.500 bis 7.000 mm

The surface structure of our EconomicRoll®:

  • Standard: bare, smooth Rz
  • Alternative: tripped, grooved, blasted, ground, convex, concave, diamond grooved, notched

The surface coating of our EconomicRoll®:

  • Standard: anodised E6/EV1 and bare
  • Alternativ: hard anodised, rubber-coated, bright chrome, hard chrome, ceramics, non-stick. Other surface coatings on request.
The technical details of our EconomicRoll®:
Coating type Properties
Eloxal Corrosion-resistant protective layer. The standard layer thickness is 10-20 µm. Roughness depth Rz 6-8 µm
Hard Eloxal More corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant than Eloxal. The layer thickness is 50+/ -10 µm. Roughness depth to customer specifications. 500-600HV
Chrome Extremely high wear protection for even very small Rz values by polishing. Up to 1,000HV.
Ceramic Very high wear protection at up to 1,300HV. Resistant to friction and sliding wear. Permanent traction properties or sliding behaviour.
Non-stick Non-stick properties and wear protection are important criteria wherever a gentle and smooth material flow is specified. Increasing the wear resistance reduces the amount of maintenance required. This means less machine standstills and improved productivity.
Rubber coating We have a large selection of various rubber coatings, e.g. for grip, with non-stick, wear protection, electrical conductivity, antistatic etc. Our rubber coating list: NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, XNBR, CR, FPM, CSM, ACM, PU, HNBR, CO-ECO and MQ,SILICON

The benefits of our EconomicRoll® at a glance:

  • Versatile
  • Direct bearing inside the tube
  • Precise concentricity
  • Wear and surface protection
  • High speeds/RPM
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth running

EconomicRoll® cross section

Product overview: EconomicRoll®
  ER 60 ER 80 ER 100 ER 120 ER 140 ER 160 ER 200
External diameter 60 k13 + 0,46 mm 80 k13 + 0,46 mm 100 k13 + 0,54 mm 120 k13 + 0,54 mm 140 k13 + 0,63 mm 160 k13 + 0,63 mm 200 k13 + 0,72 mm
Internal diameter 31 ± 0,25 mm 40 ± 0,3 mm 53 ± 0,3 mm 60 ± 0,3 mm 60 ± 0,3 mm 60 ± 0,3 mm 77 ± 0,3 mm
Wall thickness inside 4,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,5 mm 5,0 mm 5,0 mm
Wall thickness outside 3,0 mm 3,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,5 mm 5,0 mm 4,5 mm
Weight 3,0 kg/m 4,2 kg/m 6,2 kg/m 7,6 kg/m 9,9 kg/m 12,7 kg/m 14,8 kg/m
Concentricity 0,2 mm/m 0,2 mm/m 0,3 mm/m 0,3 mm/m 0,4 mm/m 0,4 mm/m 0,4 mm/m
Material AIMgSi 0,5 AIMgSi 0,5 AIMgSi 0,5 AIMgSi 0,5 AIMgSi 0,5 AIMgSi 0,5 AlMgSi 0,5
Surface eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1 eloxiert E6/EV1
Moment of inertia l× 325.300 mm4 808.400 mm4 1.969.700 mm4 3.436.700 mm4 5.995.530 mm4 9.816.000 mm4 17.981.300 mm4
Moment of resistance Wx 10.850 mm³ 20.210 mm³ 39.394 mm³ 57.278 mm³ 85.650 mm³ 122.700 mm³ 179.810 mm³
  E = 6.900 daN/mm²