Class instead of mass: Aluminum rail guides

When the sequence of movements becomes more dynamic, speeds become higher and acceleration and deceleration times become shorter, it is above all necessary to specifically reduce mass.

To this purpose, aluminum rail guides provide an efficient starting point without any significant losses in performance. Modular design, different rail profiles and roller shoes as well as special cartridges stand for a versatility of engineering and application possibilities.

Linear guide made easy - our aluminium rail guide

Light: The aluminium body harmonised perfectly with the aluminium support profiles and allows the creation of lightweight constructions.

Quiet: The principle of the guided roller guarantees easy and quiet running, even at high speeds.

Fast: The aluminium roller guide is able to realise speeds of up to 10 m/s.

Maintenance-free: The aluminium roller guide is maintenance-free. No additional lubrication is necessary. No lubrication grease can escape due to the encapsulated rolls.

Individual: The slide resistance of the cassettes is set using the side setting screw. On request, the cassettes can be equipped with an integrated clamp. Just talk to us.

Our aluminium rail guides are used in the

  • Food industry: e.g. cheese production - the food-safe aluminium roller guide ensures that the grab arm for cheese loaves moves vertically.
  • Packaging industry: e.g.. tubular bags.
  • Plant engineering: e.g. packaging machines for mattresses.
  • Handling area: e.g. high-speed camera movement

The various types of our aluminium roller guide:

  • Typ FDA - Standard
  • Typ FDB - Low Cost
  • Typ FDC - Niro
  • Typ FDD - Amagnetic
  • Typ FDE - Lubricant-free (on request)
  • Typ FDG - Niro Low Cost
  • Typ FDH - Highly dynamic (on request)
  • In the case of series requirements, special cassettes are available in special dimensions, heat-resistant versions and vacuum-suitable models.

The construction sizes of our aluminium guide rail:

  • Standard: from 12 to 45 mm
  • Special sizes: Construction sizes and special forms for customer series requirements

The dynamic values of our aluminium guide rail:

  • Movement speed: 10 (m/s)
  • Acceleration: 40 (m/s²); for longer lifting paths endless connection option

The benefits of our aluminium rail guides:

  • Low weight thanks to its aluminium base body
  • Lighter and quieter running thanks to the patented guided rollers
  • Maintenance-free and clean
  • O-arrangement for identical load-bearing capability from all directions
  • High moving speed and acceleration
  • Customer-specific solutions for series requirements
  • Fast response characteristic
  • No slip-stick effect
  • Sliding resistance can be set and reset
  • Numerous variants for almost every application

Additional options of our aluminium rail guides:

  • Special rail profiles
  • Surface coating of the rails and cassettes
  • Customer-specific connecting bores
  • Metal scraper
  • Bellow covers
  • Extended cassettes and roller shoes for higher loads