People make the difference

At DRECKSHAGE we are focused on people: Motivated employees are synonymous with satisfied customers. That is our simple philosophy and is how DRECKSHAGE precisely addresses the needs of the modern mechanical engineering industry which is reflected in the positive development during the past decades.

Reliable and dynamic – DRECKSHAGE

Founded in 1924 by August Dreckshage in Bielefeld, Germany the family enterprise is a dynamically growing sales and manufacturing company with more than 5,000 customers nationwide.

Offering anticipatory solutions – that is DRECKSHAGE’s strength

A total of 200 employees are constantly working to meet our customers requirements. This is why we are able to perceive new developments at an early stage and to offer new goal oriented and attractive services, ranging from completely installed component assemblies to outsourcing the entire material warehouse – there are no limits to cooperation possibilities with DRECKSHAGE.