EconomicRoll LE – The aluminium roll with the short delivery time

Our goal: 24 hour production time for EconomicRoll®.

Our idea:
Time-savings thanks to prefabricated standard bearings.

EconomicRoll® LE only requires cutting to your desired length, the screwing-in of a standard bearing seat and the installation of the prefabricated bearing unit, which is available in the models listed in the table below. The rolls are subject to an ultra-fine straightening process and can be balanced according to your specification on request.

Economic Roll® bearing LE

bearing LE

Product overview: EconomicRoll® LE
  ER 60 ER 80
D [mm] 60 80
DB [mm] 12 15
L [mm] 50 50
M M6 M8
L WOB freely selectable
Other diameters are available
Size and bearing tolerances dependant on semifinished material:
on special requirements an alternative bearing type is recommended