Steel rollers - for extreme loads.

In association with you, we are able to develop the optimal roller for your application. Whether rubber coated or chrome coated, turned or polished. Our long years of experience are also reflected in our steel rollers in order to manufacture perfect rollers for you. Our dynamic balancing machine serves to balance your rollers to an accuracy within a few grams. We would be pleased to advise you further and to prepare a non-binding offer.

Our steel rollers are used in the

  • Paper industry: Winders, guide rollers and drive rollers
  • Printing industry: Paper and film are winded, guided, coated and printed using a steel roller or dried across goods stores and then cut or punched.
  • Textile industry: Rolled goods are flanged, coated or printed, dried across goods stores, and sewn and cut.
  • Timber industry: A thin film is applied to the wood by a laminating machine.
  • Conveyor equipment: Steel roller as a deflector roller.
  • Special machine engineering: All applications where the media needs to be guided, driven or deflected precisely.

The formats of our steel rollers:

  • Diameters from 30 bis 300 mm
  • Length of 0 bis 6.000* mm
    * 6.000 mm only end finishing with a surface of 3000 mm

The surface structure of our steel rollers:

  • Standard: bare steel
  • Alternative: stripped, grooved, blasted, ground, convex, concave, diamond grooved, notched

The surface coating of our steel rollers:

  • Standard: bare steel
  • Alternativ: bronzed, nickel-plated, rubber-coated, bright chrome, hard chrome, ceramics, non-stick, further surface coatings available on request.
Technical details:
Coating type Properties
Chrome Extremely high wear protection for even very small Rz values by polishing. Up to 1,000HV.
Ceramic Very high wear protection at up to 1,300HV. Resistant to friction and sliding wear. Permanent traction properties or sliding behaviour.
Non-stick Non-stick properties and wear protection are important criteria wherever a gentle and smooth material flow is specified. Increasing the wear resistance reduces the amount of maintenance required. This means less machine standstills and improved productivity.
Bronzing High wear and corrosion protection and good friction resistance.
Nickel-plated High wear and corrosion protection.
Rubber coating We have a large selection of various rubber coatings, e.g. for grip, with non-stick, wear protection, electrical conductivity, antistatic etc.

The benefits of our steel rollers at a glance:

  • Various dimensions for your steel rollers are possible
  • Extreme loads for your steel rollers possible